Friday, 24 June 2011

Thrifty finds

This little cookie jar is so sweet and was so perfect for my vintage kitchen. I saw her sitting on the shelf so lonely and had to have her. Such mushroomy cuteness had to be mine. Don't dispare she now sit lovingly on my kitchen shelf full of treats for two my two little bittys. 
While searching for a pretty little hook to safely place my rings, while doing my many many loads of dishes. I came acrossed this red and green painted brass rose. My crafty heart saw her potential and had to snatch her up into my basket. When I got her home I went straight to my craft room to pick a color to transform her into her present glory. Not yet having the flowery box in my kitchen window, she brightens up my sudsy chores. 

One of my favourite finds was found by my husband. Who walked in the door and proudly lifted up this curly leafy metal piece. Which I instantly loved not only for the adorable hubby who thought it was made for me. He looks so handsome up there under Mr morning rooster. 

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